Start Using MaktApp

What’s Maktapp? ..And what is the date of its establishment?

Maktaap is an application and an integrated cloud system that helps you to manage your various business: (your company – your project) at any time and from anywhere.

What are the available ways to communicate with Maktapp? .. Is there a rapid way to communicate with when problem occurs?

Maktapp has provided many ways to communicate rapidly, and that’s to provide stronger technical support service in Arab world.

You can communicate with Maktapp using one of those ways:


Mobile: +97430005665

Landline: +97444864310

Do I have to be a business owner to take advantage of Maktapp services?

No, whatever your business, Maktapp will serve you.

It’s not necessary to be the owner of a specific job to take advantage of Maktapp premium services. It’s enough to enjoy the experience of Maktapp’s for various business, whether personal, commercial, social and other areas of business.

Maktapp is between your hands on even it was for the personal use, so you can conduct your business at anytime from anywhere.

Maktapp will not determinate you to use specific type of electronic device to be able to use it. It’s through any device, whether mobile, tablet or PC, you will be able to enjoy Maktapp’s services.

What payment methods available so that I could pay the cost of the service?

Maktapp provides you with several different ways to pay, like electronic payments through PayPal and direct payment through bank cards, it can also coordinate with our sales department to select suitable method of payment through this phone number: +97430008709

Can I reserve a plan for more than a month or even a year?

We recommend you to check our several plans and prices by visiting our official website:

Should all my company’s branches be in one country to be able to take advantage of your services?

No, spatial presence is flexible in Maktapp.

The prime advantage is the main bridging distances and manage your activity from anywhere, and that’s throughthe cloud services which we provide.

It’s just enough that you create your account and add branches to get the required linkage and coordinate between them, and so regardless of the geographical distribution of branches or departments.

What are the procedures when one of your distributors violate your laws?

We follow up and correct any error comes from distributors, whether intentional or unintentional ..and that’s done through communication with management via email or phone numbers.

How can I guarantee the stability of your service?

Maktapp is powered by the largest research institution in the Middle East (Science and Technology Park), this is in addition to the permanent agreement with Microsoft Corporation concerning the storage and the provision of cloud data, in addition to the backup service, which is optional for the customer.

Is it possible to add some specific templates suitable with the nature of my business?

Yes, and that’s done through communicating with us on Maktapp’s mail and coordinate with our customer service department.

In the case I stopped the use of Maktapp, is it possible to restore all my data?

Yes, you can restore your data in the event of stopped using Maktapp’s service, through annotating and backing up and you can get them in coordinate with the customer service department.

Is it possible to stop using the Maktapp’s service for a certain period and then come back and renew the subscription, while maintaining the confidentiality of my data privacy?

Yes, you can stop for a period from the use of Maktapp’sservices ..identified with this period with the customer service and then back again, and data retention guaranteed.